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NORM GolfPro™ Laser Rangefinder

NORM GolfPro™ Laser Rangefinder

NORM GolfPro™ Laser Rangefinder

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Always Be Accurate On The Course 

Enhance and simplify your golf experience and gameplay with the NORM GolfPro Rangefinder; a must-have for all golfers. Knowing your yardage on each shot is critical to the success of all your shot and the round. Never second guess your next shot or which club to play. NORM has you covered 

Never Guess Pin Distance 

The NORM GolfPro has the ability to accurately measure the distance of whatever it is pointed at - up to 600 yards - taking out any questions on the distance between you and the pin. Level up your game, knock a few points off your card, and never guess the adjustments needed for your next shot.

Find The Shot Angle 

The NORM™ Rangefinder uses advanced technology to calculate the angle and height needed to ensure shot accuracy at that distance; allowing you to choose between layup distances when setting up for your next approach shot. 


Measuring unit: Meters/Yards
Field of view: 7°
Measuring time: 0.5-1 seconds
Battery: 2-AAA (Not included)
Magnification: 6X
Measurement Accuracy: ±1m/± 1yd
Measurement Range: 5-600yds

Waterproof: Yes                         

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