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Volt™ Protective Gloves

Volt™ Protective Gloves

Volt™ Protective Gloves

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Perfect For Any Task 

Designed for any situation, whether you're riding, operating heavy equipment, hunting, or in a tactical situation the Volt™ Protective Gloves are all you need. Featuring a padded palm and leather for protection, a built-in hard knuckle protector, and wear-resistant perforated microfiber elastic for comfort and optimal fit. 

Protect Your Hands From All Elements 

Ideal for any work situation, the Volt™ Protective Gloves will protect your hands from weather conditions, sunburn, road/shrapnel debris deflection, and basic to extreme wear and tear. No matter the situation the Volt™ will have you protected.

Touch Screen Technology

With safety top of mind, the Volt™ Protective Gloves did not shy away from function. The index and thumb on the Volt™ Protective Gloves are made of touch screen-sensitive materials, allowing for the ability to use touch screen devices without removing your gloves. 

Breathable Materials To Reduce Sweating And Improve Airflow

The Volts™ breathable, moisture-wicking microfiber material helps reduce hand sweat, allowing your hands to feel drier and increasing grip performance, along with confidence while performing any task.



Gender: Unisex
Materials: Microfiber, PU Leather, Polyester
Season Use: Spring, summer, autumn

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